Spoonik Restaurant,
a unique experience

  • From clandestine to public.

    The Spoonik experience is opening up to the public after a successful secret life. Spoonik Restaurant is the evolution of Spoonik Club, following the same philosophy of hospitality, creativity, cutting-edge techniques, and fusion, but adding subtle differences to enrich your visit

  • A new culinary sensation in Barcelona.

    The core offering is a tasting menu which varies depending on the seasonal ingredients, combining textures, flavours, and influences to constantly surprise the diner. The cuisines of Mexico and Colombia combine with Mediterranean roots for exciting, attractive dishes, reminiscent of magical realism.

  • Culinary pairings.

    We accompany the gastronomic experience with curated pairings, always selecting local, unusual, and exclusive wines. Where the kitchen and the wine cellar meet, your meal can become truly sublime.

  • The atmospheric setting adds to the fascination.

    An elegant space, decorated with a profusion of artistic elements, where every detail is meaningful, with evocative imagery that envelop diners in a special atmosphere. A setting where everything is possible, different every time you visit.

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Spoonik Club,
a shared experience

The Spoonik concept began as a private dining experience in the home of chef Jon Giraldo (Colombia, 1982), in December 2013, and continued as a non-stop series of “clandestine” dinners and events, with all the warmth and uniqueness of this unconventional cook/artist’s own home.

At present, SPOONIK’s chefs combine their work at the Restaurant with home dinners and events

Information: +34 648 085 209
  • Team

    Jon Giraldo and Jaime Lieberman lead a team which is passionate about cuisine

    • Jon Giraldo, Manizales (Colombia)

      A fourth-generation cook, trained in a medley of specialities for a refined technique and original interpretation of fusion or mestiza cuisine as a form of magical realism.

    • Jaime Lieberman, Cancún (México)

      A multi-disciplinary artist whose vision is expressed not only in photography but in the creations of Spoonik, where his dishes become original works of art, to be experienced through all the senses.